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Want To Show Trucker Appreciation? Be A Better Driver

September 12, 2022 | Trucking and Transportation

Truckers supply fuel for our vehicles, goods for our grocery stores, materials for our homes, parts for our computers, and everything between. They spend long hours on the road working hard to provide the resources needed for our everyday lives. We think it’s safe to say they drive our country. 

They also have to deal with pesky four-wheelers (that’s us). In honor of Driver Awareness Week, here are some simple driving tips that will display your appreciation much more than waiving as you pass.

Avoid Blind Spots

It’s the danger zone for a reason; if you’re in a truck’s blind spot, the driver can’t see you. We don’t think it’s very wise to drive around the area of a larger vehicle where you aren’t seen.

So please, do yourself and truck drivers everywhere a favor and minimize your time in their blind spot (TIP: If you can’t see their side-view mirrors, they likely can’t see you). 

Give ‘Em Room

If the bright yellow “wide right turns” sign didn’t warn you, 18-wheelers take wide right turns. 

A trucker’s visibility is greatly limited when turning right because their side view mirror becomes obstructed. Their trailer also needs room to follow the path of their rig, so wider turns are necessary to avoid hitting other drivers. When you see a trucker signal right, it’s best to give them plenty of room to hang the turn. 

Have Some Patience 

Here’s your science lesson for the day: hauling thousands of pounds of freight in your vehicle will make it slower – mind-blowing, right? 

The only way to make a vehicle faster is to lighten the load it carries. Honking, flipping the bird, and cursing maniacally actually doesn’t help at all! It’s time to accept the fact that semis drive a little slower than other vehicles; some are even governed to stay below a certain speed! Instead of getting all road-ragey, pass them carefully and carry on with your drive. 

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