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Want Social Media Success? You Gotta Wear The Right Shirt

December 13, 2022 | Social Media

You have the perfect business. Now you just need to get the word out. Inevitably, that means starting various social media feeds to help reach and interact with your target audience directly.

But it’s not so easy. You can’t just jump in without first considering what this social media profile should communicate about your business. Not only the nuts and bolts of what you offer, but your overall personality. What kind of image do you want to put out in the world?

And one sure-fire easy way to go about all that? Go shirt shopping of course!

The Hawaiian Shirt

Bright, colorful, and brash – you are a party animal. You want to be here for a long time, but not at the cost of a GOOD time. It’s not that you’re dressed for vacation. You’ve simply never been to work in the first place.

Your social media feed is all smiles. If you include any official photos or information, it’ll be couched within the deeper idea of having fun. Memes. Lots and lots of great memes. It’s entirely possible people might not even know you have a business.

The Turtleneck

Success doesn’t mean you have to give up flair altogether. It’s not unheard of for you to jump directly from work to a date or night out with friends without changing clothes on the way. You’re not dressed for a wedding, but you won’t raise red flags at the country club either. Jokes are a bit beneath you, yet you always supply the funniest retorts.

Your social media feed feels casual but with a strong prioritization on clarity and simplicity. The approach here will not be joke posts. Instead you save your witty, more sophisticated activity for the comments, which drives even more people to interact with your page, elevating your product or service as a result.

The Business Suit

You don’t have time for small talk, and even if you did, you aren’t very good at it. Your worth is defined by results, and you get them no matter how many hours at the office it takes. Maybe your employees don’t understand you, but your peers regard you with an everlasting conflict between awe and envy.

Your social media feed is so filled with data and jargon that most people will bounce right off of it. That’s okay; they can’t afford your product anyway. There’s no reason to slow down for anyone else. The strength of your work will speak for itself, and it will do so at great volume to those with an ear for it.

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