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Three Rules To Achieving TikTok Greatness

December 20, 2021 | Online Advertising

To properly Tik, one must first learn to properly Tok. What’s that mean? We have no idea, ask the kids!

Everyone wants a TikTok ad these days. It’s easy to see why. A gazillion people have eyes glued to their TikTok feeds. And where you find a gazillion pairs of eyes, you are going to find opportunities for advertising. 

Since TikTok is a visual medium, many interpret this means their ads require the usual flair associated with commercials. Imagine beautiful drone shots of a truck driving down an open road, low-angled shots of crossed-armed drivers standing proudly in front of their rigs, scripted testimonials espousing a company’s greatness.

Such ads work, and there is a reason they’ve become so ubiquitous in the driving industry. And, if you want, you can go ahead and make a bunch of these and throw them out into the TikTok world.

On the other hand, Dr. TikTok M.D. might prescribe a different approach, one more suited to the platform, one utilizing what we’ll affectionately call TikTokTakt.


TikTok is all about getting through to the real deal. You should always err on the side of candid versus flashy. And that starts with your subject.

Why hire a handsome model to pretend to be a driver, when you likely have a real driver around filled with their own unique personality and presence? Put that person in front of the camera and let them tell the world while your company is the best employer in town.

All You Need Is A Phone

Commercials are expensive. You need nice cameras, bright lights, elaborate dollies and tracks and who knows what else to make a television-worthy presentation.

TikTok, on the other hand, eschews all that fancy business in favor of grounded realism. Do you have a phone with a camera? If so, you have all you need to make a TikTok ad. Put it in your driver’s hands, press record, and wait for the magic to happen.

Throw Out Your Script

Life is unscripted. Your TikTok ad should be the same. 

Maybe you need your subject to hit particular points, but they should never feel like they are reading from a page. Usually, if your subject has genuine positive feelings about your company, whatever they give you will feel more authentic than anything that could be written anyway. And it has the benefit of being communicated in an authentic voice. Who knows, maybe your subject has the juice to be a surprise star! It’s happened before!

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