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Recruitment Calls And The Art Of Listening

March 01, 2023 | Recruiting

Recruiting leaders, do you listen to your recruiter calls? If not, we encourage it. Even a few calls a month can work wonders. Think of the time commitment as an investment in recruiter development and retention. Because that’s exactly what it is.

When you listen in on these calls, you’ll likely recognize your most successful recruiters utilize active listening.


Listening grants recruiters the ability to understand the needs and motives of interested candidates and thereby focus their pitch on specifically addressing those objectives, thereby increasing the likelihood of a successful hire. Active listening often requires active questioning as well to reveal a caller’s interests and priorities. Utilizing active listening not only individualizes conversations but also establishes a stronger relationship between recruiters and applicants.

Building Trust

In other words, an active listener will encourage a sense of trust within the caller. By taking the time to listen to a caller’s needs and displaying an understanding of those specifics, recruiters benefit from an increased bond with the individual. This sense of trust dramatically increases their chance of moving the candidate through the hiring pipeline. 

Avoid Feature Dumps

When recruiters don’t listen, they are more likely to feature dump, which we want to avoid. This is when the recruiter focuses solely on job features without any guidance from a caller’s interests. It’s impersonal, sounds robotic, and threatens to make your position sound like white noise. Your recruiter should sell company benefits according to which ones will appeal to the driver most. To identify those benefits, your recruiter must actively listen.

In conclusion, you should always make time to listen in on a few recruiter calls now and then and make sure your team actually listens to callers, understands their news, and works to address them. Luckily, we offer collaboration on such calls as one of our free client services. So give us a call if you’d like further guidance on how to maximize the potential of your recruitment routine and improve your KPI’s in the process. Just contact us here.

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