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Ramsey MediaWorks Works Some Media On FreightWaves

July 25, 2022 | Marketing and Advertising

We have a lot of knowledge to share here at Ramsey MediaWorks. And we are more than happy to share it. Isn’t that nice of us? It’s almost like we are heroes or something.

For instance, last week Jeremy May, our Vice President of Client Services, stopped by FreightWaves’ video podcast “Taking the High Road” to discuss industry issues with host Wendy Bartz, Drive Reach’s Vice President of Customer Experience. That’s right. Two Vice Presidents on the same zoom call.

Together, these two discuss a whole range of topics concerning talent acquisition, topis such as:

What’s an EVP, anyway? 

Is Driver Pay truly the biggest motivator out there? 

What are the most important types of Leads?

And so much more. Have a look below and see for yourself!

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