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Just Say It—And Say No More.

"We just bought the company you used to work for, and would like to hire you back. Expect a phone call from us soon."

That’s the gist of a message we helped to write this week. One of our clients (let’s just call them “XYZ”) acquired a business that had lost or laid off its employees and wanted to hire them back. These folks were gone by the time XYZ came in, so they asked how we’d word the communication to an unfamiliar audience.

The message we drafted was a little longer and more detailed than what’s above, but we kept it short and to the point—only communicating the info and answering the questions that mattered:

  • Who are we? XYZ, the company who bought your old employer.
  • What do we want? To hire you back.
  • What do you need to do? Expect a call from us. (We also provided a name and number they could call.)

Nuff said. There’s power in saying exactly what you mean and want—especially when you’re offering something good like a job.

This lesson applies to advertising in general. There’s no need to make your message overly flowery (unless you’re selling flowers). And there’s no reason to beat around the bush (unless you’re selling shrubs). Just tell people what you want. Say it, and say no more.

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