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Google Vs Facebook

July 13, 2022 | Online Advertising

Most businesses optimize their message reach by utilizing Facebook and Google advertisements. But while these ubiquitous behemoths command a fierce hold on the advertising game, they are not exactly the same. It’s important to understand how they differ to get the most from what they offer.

Let Me Google That For You

When using Google Ads, keep in mind that you aren’t targeting a specific demographic other than location. Google is a search engine, so it’s up to the individual to show interest through their searches. 

A business might use Google Ads to be in the right place at the right time. Paid search ads appear at the top of the search engine results page (SERP), and where that ad ranks in the SERP depends on a number of factors, such as ad quality and how much one is willing to pay for clicks. 

You Gotta Read The Book

Unlike Google, Facebook is a social media platform. Facebook users can’t discover paid ads through specific searches. Instead, they see ads based on their interests and online behavior. Businesses can dictate who sees their ad via much more specific targeting options. 

For instance, a person who spends all day searching for dog training tips might suddenly encounter a major uptick in ads for local businesses that offer dog training.

The Format Strikes Back

Strengths and weaknesses do reveal themselves when comparing these platforms. For instance, Google ads allow you to test various message wording, prioritizing copy with the best results. With Facebook, you can only use one version of your messaging per campaign.

On the other hand, Facebook allows for much more freedom when it comes to format, such as video or gifs. Google ads limit themselves a bit more in this regard.

Google and Facebook are both excellent tools for spreading brand awareness. Each can find consumers at different points on their buying journey, whether they’re searching on Google or scrolling on Facebook. The trick is knowing which tool works best for which task.

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