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Community Up Close: Higher Power Garage

September 20, 2023 | Community Up Close

We’re proud of the work we do for our clients here at Ramsey MediaWorks, but we also enjoy lending our capabilities to non-profits as they serve our beloved Joplin, Missouri community. Our goal for Community Up Close is to highlight those organizations while also offering you an opportunity to help them as well.

Higher Power Garage

Loss of transportation can devastate a family’s ability to meet its economic needs. If you can’t get from point A to point B, you can’t work. You can’t get groceries. You can’t take your kids to school. In the grand scheme of things, we overlook the importance of having a car. But it can often be the tool that makes economic survival possible.

While transportation is paramount to making ends meet, it can be a sizable financial burden as well. They break down, usually for reasons out of our control. They are expensive to fix and very expensive to purchase.

This is where Higher Power Garage comes in. The organization has two main methods of helping folks who qualify for its services: Vehicle Repair and Vehicle Purchase.

Vehicle Repair

Higher Power Garage can help with minor vehicle repairs. The applicant must pay for parts, but labor is free. As anyone can tell you, labor is a huge reason why vehicle repairs get so prohibitively expensive. Being able to forgo those charges can go a long way toward making an impossible repair suddenly obtainable. 

Low-Cost Vehicle Program

Higher Power Garage not only fixes cars people own, they also get vehicles to those who have none in the first place. Relying on donated cars (which are typically in pretty bad shape), HPG puts down-and-out vehicles back into good working order and sells them at a deeply discounted price to a qualifying candidate. If you’ve tried to buy a used car lately, you know how impossible it can feel to find a good deal. This program puts it within reach for many.


Higher Power Garage doesn’t just want to get families back on the road, they also help empower people to stay there thanks to the further education classes they offer. One focuses on simple household budgeting, teaching families how to get the most out of their money. Another offers instruction on basic car maintenance, which provides people with great money-saving skills to help extend their car’s day-to-day operation.

In short, Higher Power Garage focuses its efforts on one of modern life’s more overlooked fundamental requirements: transportation, particularly in a community that lacks public transportation like ours.

If you would like to learn more about Higher Power Garage and how you can help donate to their mission you can find that information here.

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