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We Do Judge a Brand by Its Cover

February 05, 2018

Which of these chips looks better?

Left or right?

And which are you more likely to buy? Assuming they cost the same and you've never tried either before, we're guessing you'd choose the ProTatoes. 

We would. For the simple fact that they look better. They appear to be higher quality.

Even if they aren't better—even if the contents of both bags are identical (which isn't uncommon)—ProTatoes makes a better first impression and builds more consumer confidence. They look legit and worth giving a try.

Ok, next question.

Which of these chips stand out?

The answer is obvious. All else being equal, the canister stands out from the bags. No contest.

And again, if they all cost the same and you've never tried any, we're guessing that you'd choose the novelty of the can over the same-ol' sameness of the bags.

Ok, so what's the point?

Just this: we do judge a brand by its cover. Looking good and looking different matter. Ultimately, we judge brands by their contents—the actual chips—but our decision to buy the first bag (or canister) may very well depend on the wrapper.

In other words, looks aren't everything or even the main thing, but looks are worth something. This is especially true between close competitors. The more similar our products are to those of a rival—in features, quality, price, etc.—the more our brand image can help set us apart. If all else is equal, most customers will choose the "prettier" product.

Ironically, companies with lots of close rivals often pay less attention than they should to brand. Many say, "Eh, we can't have an exceptional brand like Apple or Tesla because we don't have an exceptional product. We're not that different." We'd say that's all the more reason to build an exceptional brand.

Sure, you have to develop your products, but part of doing that is developing a sharp, recognizable persona. Brand contents and appearance should go hand-in-hand. They should feed one another.

Speaking of feeding, we're gonna go get some chips.

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