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Behind The Works: Taylor Mercer

August 17, 2023 | Behind the Works

Welcome to Behind the Works, our series highlighting some of the folks at Ramsey MediaWorks! 

A top-shelf recruitment marketing agency is only as good as its people and we have the best in the business. Through these articles, you’ll get a chance to better know our staff and what they do – from the placement team, to management, to the creative department. 

Today we’re talking to the knowledgeable and talented Taylor Mercer.

We’ll start off with an easy one: what is your current job title?

I’m currently a Senior Client Services Specialist.

Has that always been your job title here?

At first I was a Placement Specialist. Then I became a Client Services Specialist before moving to the Senior level.

That’s quite a journey! What are your tasks and responsibilities as a Sr. Client Services Specialist?

It’s not super different from a regular CSS. We keep track of approved budgets, media channels, insertion orders, and billing, among other things. We also monitor performance through clients’ ATS, Google Analytics, and vendor dashboards. On top of that, it’s important we know entry-level coding and XML/HTML for building job feeds.

That’s a lot!

Those are broad duties. To optimize specific client services, we acquire a thorough understanding of each client’s specific operation standards and offerings so we can strategically bring the best solutions to their table. This usually requires close collaboration with Sales and Account Reps.

On the other side of things, we need to maintain positive relationships with a plethora of external media vendors (digital, publication, aggregate, social, job board etc). 

As a Sr. CSS I am additionally responsible for answering any major or minor questions that pop up and help with general troubleshooting.

How long have you been at RMW?

Five Years, two Months, twenty-four days.

So precise! Have you noticed any interesting changes in the industry in the past five years?

The industry is always interesting…

When I started there was a lot of newspaper, radio, and billboard placement. Programmatic was newer and only used on the internet, placement-wise. Nowadays, everything offers programmatic placement!

Otherwise, specific demand shifted somewhat. For example, we used to see much less demand for Owner-Operator hires compared to today.

What are your favorite memories from five years with Ramey MediaWorks?

I think my favorite most recent memory is when we all went to play Top Golf! That was a lot of fun, especially because I have never played golf before. Christmas is always a good time as well. The Secret Santa prank gifts are my favorite. 

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