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Behind The Works: Meghan Miller

February 09, 2023 | Behind the Works

Welcome to Behind the Works, our series highlighting some of the folks at Ramsey MediaWorks! 

If you know anything about Ramsey MediaWorks, you probably already know about Meghan Miller. One way or another, all our technology runs through her. You could say she’s the engine that keeps this place running. 

And lucky us, we got her to take a break from her busy schedule to have a word…

Okay, you’re on the record. What’s your official job title?

My official job title is Director of Interactive and Web Development.

How long have you worked here?

I’ve been here eight years.

Think back to when you first started. You walked through the door. What was it like here eight years ago?

Eight years ago, doing my job was very different than what it is now. One, we were at our first building which was fun because everyone was very close together. Two, everything my web team does now, I did a much simpler version all by myself. 

We didn’t have all these API integrations and all these amazing things we do now. It was simple: build a landing page, or build a website. 

You didn’t even have a team?

No, I was the team.

How long did it take for you to get a team?

I didn’t get a team until we moved to this building in 2015. We had an intern at the time, and I had to teach him web development from the ground up. From there, our web team started growing and growing. 

Otherwise, how has your role developed over the years?

So when I started, I mostly did coding. I would have a lot of free time too, so I did design work as well. I went from design work on the side to more debugging things and troubleshooting and managing my team and managing all kinds of integrations and talking to clients and vendors. 

Wow, you’re like Atlas holding the globe.

Haha, yes.

How about just overall industry trends? How have they changed during your time here?

Early on, we were still posting lots of newspaper and Craigslist ads. We had very basic tracking on our websites, but it wasn’t the most prominent thing. Now every single little thing is technology based. Everything is centered around our landing pages. 

Before we had very basic analytics. Now there is so much data coming in and out of our landing pages. And we have to keep track of all of it. That leads to some of the products we are currently working on.

Those are top secret!

I didn’t say what they were! Just that we’ll soon have some help analyzing all that data and coming up with some pretty awesome results. 

Do you have any cherished Ramsey MediaWorks memories?

There are so many. I love this place. I cherish my memories of the old building when we’d have meetings and I’d just sit on the floor because there weren’t enough chairs, things like that. I also love our get-togethers and various office contests. 

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