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Behind The Works: Liberty Bechtel

November 22, 2022 | Behind the Works

What is your official job title?

I am an official Account Representative.

What does that mean?

I am the middle person between the sales team and the CSS team. So after a client is onboarded, I handle most contact with them on the account.

You’re the communicator.

I’m the one that emails. I make the budgets. Any changes they have, I take care of. I do all their reporting.

So it behooves you to be very personable.

(Great big smile) Yes.

You just celebrated your two-year anniversary with us.

Yep, two years in November.

In those two years, has your role significantly developed in any particular direction?

For sure, if only because I was our first Account Representative. It wasn’t a position previously. So there was a lot of trial and error to discover exactly what I’d be doing and what parts I would handle. Before me, communication like this was through the CSS team and sales.

What is CSS again?

Client Service Specialists. They’re the people who handle all placement.

Have you noticed any notable shifts and trends in your two years at Ramsey MediaWorks?

Oh sure because when I first started in November of 2020, it was the height of the pandemic. Things were obviously very different during that time. Hiring wasn’t as much of a priority. When the most severe parts of that ended, things started to shift. Those changes have been continuing to this day. There isn’t much of what we’d call “normal” yet.

Do you have any cherished Ramsey MediaWorks memories from the last two years?

I wouldn’t call it cherished, but definitely the great chili-off of 2022. Never forget.

(Edited to add: Liberty received last place in the great 2022 chili-off.)

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