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Behind The Works: Byron Stevens

June 21, 2023 | Behind the Works

Welcome to Behind the Works, our series highlighting some of the folks at Ramsey MediaWorks! 

Today, we’re talking shop with one of RMW’s biggest rising stars, Byron Stevens. Though he has yet to win one of our chili competitions, Byron has been a big part of our team since he joined up two years ago.

What is your job title?

Account Representative.

Has that always been your job title?

Nope, I started out as a client services specialist, but I have been an account rep for a year and a half now.

How long have you been here?

Two years and two months now.

What does an account representative do, besides attend a ton of meetings?

I’m lucky enough to work directly with our clients and help deliver any of their goals or needs. I communicate and strategize the plan to accomplish those goals with the rest of our team, and see projects through until I can deliver them back to the client.

The meetings are great. I get to talk with clients on a daily basis to discuss their campaigns and goals, all while working on some pretty fun and satisfying projects.

Have you perceived any shifts or changes in the industry since you’ve been here?

Big time. I came in right on the tail end of Covid, when restrictions were starting to be lifted across the country and the race to hire people was on. There's a stark contrast between the climate then and the climate now.

How so?

The age of big sign-on bonuses for a lot of companies seems to have slowed. Companies are realizing that although pay is a great incentive for a driver to switch carriers, company atmosphere and culture is what will make them stay.

Do you have any hunches about how things might change further in the future?

My hunches are limited, but I think companies will continue to realize that the younger demographic is not afraid to 'job hop' if they don't feel like they are part of a company with a good culture that treats them with respect. Driver engagement will continue to be critical in retaining a carrier's driver base.

What are some of your favorite RMW memories from the last two years?

Top Golf with everyone is probably number one. The semi-annual taco truck out front is definitely up there. Our all-too-frequent breakfast buffet and dessert bars are high on that list as well.

When will you finally win one of our chili cook-offs?

When people start using logical thinking in their chili placement decisions.

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