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A Better Roadmap to Recruitment Success

Landstar Case Study

The Background

Landstar System, Inc. is a leading global transportation company based in Jacksonville, Florida. They have a unique business model that gives 10,000 leased owner operators the freedom to choose their own road using the Landstar freight load board. They came to us looking for a better roadmap for recruitment.

The Problem

A Road to Nowhere

Landstar was experiencing disappointing results from their existing recruitment marketing program. Their current vendor didn’t have URL tracking in place and couldn’t integrate data into the Tenstreet applicant tracking system. This put owner operator applicants on a road to nowhere when online ad links dropped them on the corporate website home page. We had a better strategy.

Landstar Landing Page

The Solution

A Better Map and a Shorter Drive

Our team of data-mining experts knew where to find the drivers Landstar was looking for and how to shorten the drive for applicant conversions. Landstar had a need to target and recruit flatbed owner operators, so we developed and executed a plan to drive results. Our custom ads and strategic placement targeted the flatbed market using specialized landing pages. Instead of getting lost on a corporate home page, applicants arrived on a landing page that was specific to their needs, so they were more likely to complete the application process. Our Google Premier Partner status and application program interface provided excellent tracking and measurement data to further optimize campaign results. Our strategy resulted in a 105% increase in applicant leads in the flatbed category during the two-month period.

After this success, Landstar put us to work across their other areas of owner operator recruitment with great results.

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